Bristol Motorcycle Riding Pants Review

Why Wear Motorcycle Riding Pants?

Motorcycle riding pants are as important as a helmet. In case of falling off the bike, they will minimize abrasion and protect your legs and skin. Unfortunately, many drivers neglect this type of protection and wear jeans instead. But we all know that safety is a priority for any driver, so let’s find out how to protect your legs in the best way.


What Riding Pants Does Bristol Offer?

Bristol offers great options of riding pants and chaps for both men and women, and here are our best variants.


  1. #3277 Men's Leather Overpant

Classic design and high-quality leather are the perfect combination for the motorcycle pants you will wear.  Are you tired of black?  Bristol produces pants in customized colors and makes sure that your riding pants will fit you perfectly because it has elasticized waist, adjustable belt and 2-way side zippers. Long-distance or high-speed rides – everything is under your control.

  1. #3359 Men's Leather Chaps

Our comfortable chaps are made of premium cowhide leather, are half-lined and come in black and custom colors. These leather chaps are extremely durable thanks to the high-quality material used and are unlikely to stretch. When investing in motorcycle garments you want them to last a long time, then this is an excellent choice.

  1. #3381 Men's & Ladies’ Leather Legging

Strong and sturdy, this unisex leather legging was created to maximize riding comfort and provide you with freedom. This option is easy-to-wear, has a nylon lining, adjustable belt loops which attach to you own belt, side zipper closures and snap closures at the bottom. All Bristol’s leggings will allow you to ride in heat and cold, protect you from wind and abrasions, and still stay comfortable and safe.  We also offer customized sizes and various color choices.


  1. #23277 Ladies’ Leather Overpant

Bristol also offers great options of riding pants and leggings for women. Leather pants are in fashion and can be worn not only while riding. This is a minimalistic design not to be missed. Have more freedom of choice with customized sizes and colors. Just feel its inspiring vibes and start planning your long-distance ride.

  1. #23359 Ladies Leather Chaps

This ladies’ leather chaps is slightly different from the standard model in black. Its distinctive white trim catches your eye and looks very stylish.  Besides black, various color choices are available.


Why Are Motorcycle Riding Pants Expensive?

Bristol motorcycle garments made of genuine high-quality leather are a good investment.  With such a variety of options, you will definitely find amazing motorcycle riding gear to keep you comfortable and protected. Furthermore, Canada-based Bristol offers custom sizes and worldwide shipping.  Visit our website to check our offers.