#23277 Ladies Leather Overpant

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Style #23277

Canadian-made ladies leather overpant. This style features:

Elasticized waist
Adjustable belt
2-way side zippers
Custom colours

As with all Bristol garments, this pant is available in custom sizes.

    Ladies Leather Motorcycle Leggings

    When it comes to leather motorcycle leggings, no can provide a better companionship for one’s need than the folks at Bristol Leather, offering quality products to customers since 1958. Whether you need to shop online, especially in this time of pandemic and subsequent lockdowns because of it, or want to have a shop from an offline store, both options are available with Bristol Leather.
    The first thing, and in all seriousness the only thing, one should keep in mind while picking out a leather motorcycle leggings is comfort. There is no point in buying something, even a leather motorcycle leggings, that you won’t be comfortable wearing it in the end.
    Leather pants are made according to the wearer, and as a general rule, a size up is always better than a size down. But a custom sized leather pant is always best, and you can get that at Bristol Leather. Bristol Leather provides someone an opportunity to not only to buy a quality product, but buy one that is perfect is for them.
    #23277 Ladies Leather Pant 6 Pants
    #23277 Ladies Leather Overpant
    #23277 Ladies Leather Overpant