Leather Repair & Leather Restoration


Professional Leather Repair and Restoration 

Our leather repair and alteration tailors have over two decades of experience restoring and repairing leathers. We can fix all your leather problems. We endeavour to restore your leather garments so they look like they did when you purchased them. Choose Bristol leather restoration and leather repair service.

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A Leader in Leather Repairs, Restoration and Customization

We're able to produce a level of craftsmanship and customization that has remained unparalleled for over 65 years

Leather Repair Areas Of Specialty

Zipper Repair and Replacement; Buckle Repair and Replacement

We will first try to repair your zippers and buckles. If we are able to repair them this will save you some money, however sometimes a buckle or zipper replacement is necessary. Either way our leather tailors will find the best possible solution for you, and will give you the best price.

Lining Repairing and Replacement

Just like leathers fade over time and need to be re-dyed, the linings of your leather jackets or leather purses get worn out over time. Our leather tailors are able to replace your linings with a brand new lining which will make your jackets and purses look brand new, especially when combined with our leather dying services.

Leather Alterations

We are able to perform all types of leather alterations. If your jackets or leather garments have become too small or too big we can perform size alterations, if your purse strap is too long or too short we can alter it so it's the perfect length. We can remove certain parts that you do not like or add additional pieces to your garments. Give us a call and tell us what you would like to do.

Rips, Tears & Scratches

If you damage your leather garment do not throw it away. We can fix most leather tears and rips. We can also replace the torn panel with a new piece of leather fabric. Sometimes it is difficult however to match the panel for texture and grain as most leather garments were constructed from multiple hides from different body areas.

Our Leather Repair Prices

Simply email us, call our number or come in to see us and one of our leather repair experts will be more than happy to quote the pricing for any leather garment repair before processing your order.

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