#719 Ladies Leather Vest

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Style #719 / 719X

This style features:

V-Neck (#719) or Round Neck (#719X)
Snap front closure
Welt pockets
Custom colours

As with all Bristol garments, this vest is available in custom sizes.

Ladies Leather Motorcycle Vest


Ladies leather motorcycle vests can never be out of fashion, and if you are looking for a Canadian-made premium quality leather motorcycle, then what place can be better other than Bristol Leather. We provide a top-notch quality leather vest for ladies at a reasonable price. No free shipping - see next paragraph
Yes, we at Bristol Leather believe in 100% customer satisfaction, and to make your shopping experience with us hassle-free, all orders over $100 are eligible for free shipping (within Canada only).
If you want to style a lady leather vest from Bristol Leather in V-neck or round neck, then nothing can complement it better than a top with a turtle neck, leather jeans, and high-raised boots. Be it for a casual outing or a fun dinner date with your friends, this lady leather vest is just perfect for getting you all ready for the occasion.
No need to worry, as we at Bristol Leather provide ladies' leather vest available in custom colors so you can style it with your vibes easily.
Yes, Bristol Leather ladies leather motorcycle vest have welt pockets that not only look stylish but are also functional. Besides this, our ladies' leather vest has a snap front closure that makes your outfit look super classy.
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#719 Ladies Leather Vest Vests
#719 Ladies Leather Vest Vests