The Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets Guide 2021

Why Wear a Leather Motorcycle Jacket?

Every biker knows that protection is a must when riding a motorcycle. It is not only about biker fashion or staying warm during the colder months but also about your safety on the road.

Let Bristol provide you with high-quality riding gear and take care of your protection.

What Are the Best Leather Jackets?

  1. #3352 Men's Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Black, brave, strong – it is one of the most popular classic motorcycle jackets made with full-grain premium cowhide leather. Created for the cruiser, this gear has a detachable thermal quilted lining, neck protector, interior kidney belt and action back to provide you with more safety and freedom while riding. This jacket will keep you warm in cold weather and fresh and cool in summer thanks to its ventilation features.

  1. #3340 Men's Aviator Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Looking for a leather jacket for some serious high-speed rides? The aviator-model leather motorcycle jacket is an excellent choice for men who are tired of classic design and looking for powerful details. This gear possesses the necessary style features to protect you from injuries in the worst scenario. 

  1. #3396 Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket w/Sleeve Trim

With a mix of black and cream colors, this leather jacket was created for fast riding. Thanks to premium high-quality material, this garment will serve and protect you for many seasons. If you are mostly a motorcycle commuter and are into long-distance rides, you can easily stop your search right here.

Incredible design with sleeve trim and interior pockets; protective features including neck protector, action back and interior kidney belt; comfort features like detachable thermal quilted lining and ventilation – this leather motorcycle jacket has everything that you need.

  1. #23393 Ladies Leather Touring Jacket w/Braid Detail

Women are usually more demanding when it comes to clothing design, especially for riding. Their list of requirements can be endless. Yet Bristol manages to combine comfort, protection and design to meet female bikers’ tastes.

Aviator-model leather jackets are never out of style, just like this Touring Jacket with Braid Detail. 100% premium leather was used to create this piece of clothing. Enjoy safe and stylish rides.

  1. #23415 Ladies Leather Touring Jacket

One of the best female leather jackets you could have ever imagined. Amazing color choice – dark burgundy - and classic design are never out of fashion. Besides, all real leather jackets although not waterproof do repel water and combat wind. What else does a biker need for an awesome ride?


Are Leather Motorcycle Jackets Worth the Money?

When planning to purchase a genuine leather motorcycle jacket with all the protection and comfort features required for safe and enjoyable riding, Bristol offers a superior and timeless product that will last for years to come.

Canada-based Bristol offers worldwide shipping. Visit our website to check our offers.